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Welcome to Sold On Solars! We are the premier on line superstore for clean green living.
We specialize in clean energy solutions and environmentally friendly products for your home 
or business. 

Featured Product 
We Promote and Sell Authentic NASA Tested Power Save Products

power-save 1200 

Residential Power-Save 1200  

The Many Benefits of the Power-Save 1200  Include:

• Lowers electric bills up to 25%!
• Reduces electricity required by motors! 
• Enhances capacity of existing electrical system
• Eliminates harmful power surges!
• Protects appliances and electronic equipment
• Reduces harmful effects of electrical noise!
• Guarantee and a 5-year Warranty!
• Power Factor Optimization


*Power-Save carries a $1 million in product liability insurance to protect our valuable customers! USA, LLC logo 
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